About us

The Jerome L. Greene Foundation identifies and invests in opportunities that enrich and advance people’s lives here in New York City. Our projects focus on the arts, education, medicine, and social justice.

Please note: We are a private family foundation and do not accept any donations or unsolicited proposals. We carefully select the organizations from which we solicit grant applications. The Foundation does not fund attempts to influence legislation or other types of advocacy.


Christina McInerney
Christina McInerney, President and CEO

Jennifer Goodale
Jennifer Goodale, Program Director

Jennifer Strikowsky, Senior Administrator

Barbara Prawdzik
Barbara Prawdzik, Assistant

Board of Directors

Hildy Simmons
Hildy Simmons, Chair

Jeremiah Barondess
Dr. Jeremiah Barondess

Karen Brooks Hopkins
Karen Brooks Hopkins

Financial Advisory Committee

Robert Weissenstein
Robert Weissenstein, CFO

Drummond Pike
Drummond Pike