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Reproductive Health Care and Family Planning For All

“When I heard I could get a free IUD I wanted to cry because though I wanted one and knew it was the right choice for me, the initial cost prohibited me from having one inserted… Thank you for giving me five years of not having to be afraid of pregnancy derailing me and my partner’s lives.”
— A PPNYC Client writing on December 16, 2015

“PPNYC continues to be a safety net for those most in need – we’re here to offer health care, no matter what.”
— Joan Malin, President & CEO, and Diane Max, Board Chair, PPNYC

When Margaret Sanger opened America’s first clinic devoted to reproductive health in Brooklyn in 1916, all forms of birth control were considered “obscene” and “illegal” under the draconian Comstock laws. Planned Parenthood of New York City carries on Sanger’s courageous work, providing reproductive care for all in safe and comfortable clinics.  The Foundation is dedicated to empowering every individual to have access to quality health care and to be free to choose when and whether to have children.

A $1 million grant from the Foundation enables Planned Parenthood of NYC (PPNYC) to provide intrauterine devices ( IUD’s) and Nexplanon implants at no cost or greatly reduced cost for clients who are uninsured, ineligible for Medicaid, or otherwise lacking the resources to pay out of pocket. These contraceptive technologies are effective for three to five years with virtually no adverse side effects and may be discontinued at any time. Though they are popular with PPNYC clients, the high upfront cost of these devices is a serious barrier to their widespread use, and the Foundation’s grant alleviates this difficulty.