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Critical Information at Your Fingertips

“Many organizations are enthusiastic about using instant messaging or text messaging to reach young people but very few studies, particularly of this size and rigor, have ever been conducted to find out how well it works.”
— Leslie M. Kantor, MPH, Vice President Education, PPFA

“To make sure teens are informed about birth control and prevention, we have to aggressively be in the social online world.”
— Cecile Richards, President, PPFA

Planned Parenthood health centers and community-based education provide high-quality services and information to millions of people around the country each year. The Foundation is supporting Planned Parenthood’s national office, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), with efforts to expand that education and care via their computer or smartphone.

Launched with Foundation support in 2010, Chat/Text Planned Parenthood is a service that allows people to receive “real-time,” medically accurate answers to their most urgent questions about birth control, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases, or unintended pregnancy — confidentially and conveniently, using their phone or computer.

To evaluate whether the Chat/Text program is effective in improving sexual and reproductive health outcomes, the Jerome L. Greene Foundation has funded a study that PPFA is undertaking in collaboration with New York University. The evaluation is an experimental design, which will help to determine whether Chat/Text gets people into needed healthcare more quickly and helps motivate people to choose more effective methods of birth control. This is one of the largest and most rigorous evaluations of a digital sexual and reproductive health intervention ever conducted.