North Star Fund

Helping the Disenfranchised Find a Voice

“North Star Fund keeps the idea of social justice alive.”
— Barbara Winslow, Professor, Brooklyn College

For over 35 years, North Star Fund  has supported activism for social justice.  It is where organizers go when they need resources to do the kind of deep work that changes our society for the better by building grassroots leadership in a systematic way.  North Star Fund  provides critical support to communities who refuse to be disenfranchised by assisting them with grants and training opportunities to assert their rights under the law. Among its finest achievements have been helping immigrant day laborers to secure safer working conditions in local factories and processing plants where conditions did not meet state and federal requirements. After Hurricane Sandy, North Star Fund was a “first responder”, and helped raise and distribute dollars at the community level, where help was needed most to shelter and feed the displaced and provide information and basic supplies to those who lost homes and power. North Star also fights for affordable housing by supporting groups like Tenants and Neighbors, the Metropolitan Council and VOCAL-NY.

The Foundation is proud to have been one of the lead supporters of the North Star Fund’s Activism’s Future Campaign, which supports the power of grassroots activism and the impact of investing in it.  The Campaign is enabling North Star to fulfill its mission as a voice for the values of equality, economic justice, and peace.  As a result of this campaign, North Star is becoming even more effective locally, and a model nationally, both as a philanthropic advocate and grantmaker for social justice activism.