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New York Public Radio Reaches Beyond Its Broadcast Towers

“We are living in an on-demand world, where audiences want to hear content on their own time, yet they still crave surprise and wonder.”

— Thomas Hjelm, Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, New York Public Radio

With outstanding news coverage and innovative programming, New York Public Radio is set to move beyond the reach of its broadcast towers. With the aid of an $8 million multi-year grant from JLGreene, NYPR is developing a cutting edge digital presence, engaging worldwide audiences on a range of digital devices. The “Discover” feature of the WNYC app, launched in 2014, allows the user to create a curated program of a designated length of time in his or her areas of interest which is immediately downloaded to a device and can be enjoyed even when there is no service connection.

WNYC is an award winning NPR affiliate that creates original programming for local, regional and national audiences. JLGreene funded the construction of The Greene Space, a broadcast and premier public performance venue which opened in 2008.  When New York faced the loss of its only classical music station, WQXR, JLGreene provided NYPR with a $5 million challenge grant to guarantee purchase of the station. The Foundation looks forward to a bright future of growth and innovation as this high quality broadcaster’s digital roll out proceeds.