The Greene Space

  • Live performance in the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space

  • The entrance to the Greene Space

  • Original architectural rendering of the “Greene Space” performance and broadcast center

  • The Cecilia String Quartet performs at the Greene Space during WQXR‘s Beethoven String Quartet Marathon

  • Soprano Deborah Voight interviewed by Naomi Lewin at the Greene Space

  • Elliott Forest conducts a panel discussion at the Greene Space

Innovative Programming at Street Level

“The Greene Foundation has been impressed by the innovation and creativity of New York Public Radio’s outreach and programming ever since we invested in The Greene Space and made the lead grant to save classical music broadcasting in New York City. We are happy to provide support to guarantee the continued operation of The Greene Space and to enable New York’s public radio stations to create new digital platforms, like Discover, to go global and reach new audiences in multiple ways.”

— Christina McInerney, President, Jerome L. Greene Foundation

New Yorkers hear about the “Greene Space” every day on the radio. Since opening in 2008, it has become one of New York’s premiere broadcast and performance venues for the public. JLGreene made a grant of $6 million to build this broadcast and performance space serving New York Public Radio at Varick and Charlton Streets in what was formerly a loading dock and delicatessen.

Floating above the subway on enormous steel and rubber screws, artists and audiences hear no sound save what comes from the stage, even as they watch the unending flow of traffic and passersby through enormous plate glass windows.

In 2013, The Greene Space hosted over 80 events for radio stations WNYC and WQXR, including classical concerts, interviews, the “Battle of the Boroughs” and semi-staged readings of August Wilson’s entire “American Century” series of plays, featuring many of the original actors. In 2014, the Foundation gave NYPR an additional $2 million grant to guarantee affordable ticket pricing for Greene Space events far into the future.