Central Park Conservancy

  • Five Borough Crew: Starting the Tiller at Fort Greene Park

  • Five Borough Crew: Off Loading Equipment at Fort Greene Park

  • Five Borough Crew: Raking the Lawn at Fort Greene Park

  • Five Borough Crew: Soil Test at Fort Greene Park

Renovating All of New York City's Parks

“(T)raining crew in other parks would have a more lasting effect than simply giving money and walking away.”
— Douglas Blonsky, President, Central Park Conservancy, The New York Times

JLGreene partners with the Central Park Conservancy to bring the horticultural excellence of New York’s famed Central Park to neglected parks in other areas of the city. A $1.6 million grant over five years will support the salaries and equipment of a four person crew who will work with, and provide expert training to, the staff at parks in all five boroughs. Part of CPC’s Institute for Urban Parks, the Five Borough Crew Program will bring to these neglected areas the expertise in park management which has made Central Park a crown jewel of the world’s recreational areas. This program initially will cover ten parks. As this specialized training helps local staff to develop the self sustaining systems needed to keep their parks blossoming year round, the program will expand its restoration and teaching work to other neglected public spaces.

This innovative program was conceived in 2013 as a practical solution to achieve equity in the park system.  JLGreene and The Central Park Conservancy’s newly launched Five Borough Crew will be restoring and rejuvenating neglected parks, fields, and lawns throughout all the boroughs.