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The Ireland Funds

Saving the Treasures of Ireland

The Ireland Funds is the leading American charitable organization operating in Ireland. Its support has been central in preserving many of the uniquely Irish artistic and cultural accomplishments, promoting the development of the creative talent of future generations, and providing significant economic and social benefits to communities throughout the island of Ireland.

The Foundation has made grants to The Ireland Funds to support a number of organizations, including the Irish Georgian Society. Dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s magnificent eighteenth and nineteenth century architectural treasures, the IGS worked to restore the handsome Daniel O’Connell Room in Dublin’s Assembly House with funds provided by the Foundation. The Assembly House was built by the Society of Artists in Ireland two hundred and fifty years ago to encourage the development of native Irish artists and sculptors, it is the first purpose-built public art gallery in the British Isles.

The Foundation has also provided support for Benefacts, a public database of non-profit organizations operating in Ireland. Benefacts provides extensive information about these organizations in a free public website, which promotes trust through greater disclosure.

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