Jerry Gliklich Professorship in Cardiology at Columbia

Dr. Jerry Gliklich, third from left, with (l to r) Dr. LeRoy Rabbani, first incumbant in the Gliklich/Hoffman chair, Sharon Silver, Esq., Dr. Rabbani's wife, Donald Landry, MD, Chairman, Department of Medicine at Columbia, Christina McInerney, President & CEO, JLGreene, and Allan Schwartz, MD, Chief, Division of Cardiology at Columbia

Columbia Medical Center's Outstanding Cardiology Program

“Meanwhile, Dr. Gliklich was becoming more and more concerned about the pressure in my chest. He gave me another test, an angiogram…, and announced that he didn’t want me to walk through the park anymore or exert myself. He frowned when I begged, ‘Can’t I wait until June to have the operation?’ He replied, ‘Possibly.’ I asked, ‘Well, what’s the downside of waiting?’ He told me,‘There’s a small chance of sudden death.’”
— Barbara Walters, “Her Change of Heart,” Vanity Fair, December 2010

The Greene Foundation is proud to have made the lead commitment in 2008 to a Professorship in Cardiology at the Columbia University Medical School in honor of Dr. Jerry Gliklich, known for his exemplary career at Columbia and his talents as a humanitarian clinician, first-rate investigator and gifted mentor. Until Dr. Gliklich retires from the faculty, the professorship is named for the late Dr. Brian F. Hoffman. The current incumbant is Dr. LeRoy E. Rabbani.

In 2006, the Foundation also provided funds to help establish the Cardiac Valve Program at Columbia’s Medical Center to promote innovation and research in valvular heart disease. Columbia is a world-leader in developing devices that are inserted through peripheral arteries to treat various types of valve dysfunction.